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Model A1
Feather Type Goose Feather Grade I
Feather Count 16
Feather Length 64-70mm
Cork Base Diameter 58-68mm
Cork Base Height 11-13mm
Ball Hardness 65-85
Speed 77/78
Weight 5 grams

Typical shuttlecocks only have a single cork layer at the base.

The Airchy 01 Shuttlecock has three layers of cork, which provides additional stability and durability.

Airchy’s signature badminton shuttlecock was meticulously made with an aerodynamic design that assures steady and reliable flying. It is a dependable option for intense rallies and matches thanks to the high-quality feather design that ensures durability and longevity. No more concerns that breakages will interfere with your game.

Airchy Tube Cutting Tutorial

Learn how to transform a shuttlecock container into a flexible, reusable tube with just three cuts. Dive into our quick tutorial amg give your airchy tube a sustainable twist!


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