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Ways to earn rewards

Airchy Birdie Points Program

1 point for each £1.00 spent

🏸 Every purchase with Airchy is a powerful smash towards rewarding benefits! Just like a durable shuttle that withstands countless rallies, your points will accumulate with every pound you spend. Earn 1 point for each pound, turning your shopping into a rewarding game. The more you play, the more you win! Start serving and watch your points soar!

👇 How it works:
1. Earn 1 point for every 1 pound spent.
2. Points are automatically added to your account with each purchase.
3. Redeem your points for exclusive rewards and exciting discounts.

Join the rally, keep your game strong like a durable shuttle, and elevate your Airchy shopping experience. Start collecting Birdie Points today! 🌟 Happy smashing! 🏸

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Smash & Share: Earn Points with Airchy

You get points : 300
Your friend gets points : 50

🌟 Smash your way to fantastic rewards with Airchy's Birdie Bonus Referral Program! When you rally your friends to join the Airchy family, you both score big. Every time your friend makes their first purchase, you’ll rack up **300 points** and they’ll net an extra **50 points** on their debut purchase. It’s a perfect game for everyone!

👇 How it works:
1. **Score 300 points** 🏆 with each successful referral.
2. Your friend gets **50 points** on their first serve.
3. Share your unique referral link with your team 👫.
4. The more friends you rally, the more points you net!

Use the link below and Start the rally today with Airchy! 🚀

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Airchy Testimonial Rewards Program

+1000 points

🎉 Show off your love for Airchy and get rewarded! Earn 300 points when you send us your image testimonial, and a whopping 1000 points when you send us your video testimonial.

👇 How to participate:
1. Snap an image or create a video/reel showcasing your Airchy experience.
2. Share it on Instagram and tag us @Airchy_official.
3. Send us a message at support@airchy.com with your post details.

🏆 We'll happily add 1000 Airchy points to your account for video testimonials and 300 points for image testimonials!

Join the fun, share your moments, and watch your points soar with Airchy! 🌟
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