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The CEO of Airchy wanted a name that reflected the brand’s focus on performance and quality. They played around with different ideas, but nothing seemed to fit quite right.

Airchy is a combination of the words ‘airy’ and ‘arch’. It is a name that represented the shuttlecock’s ability to soar through the air and arch over the net with precision and ease.

How it Started

Our Story

Shuttlecock making
Airchy was founded by a group of passionate badminton enthusiasts who built camarederie through the sport.

Frustrated by the high cost of goose feather shuttlecocks, they were determined to create a more affordable alternative to popular brands, ultimately making it more accessible to players of all levels without having to sacrifice the quality. After months of researching and testing various materials, the Airchy Shuttlecock 01 was born.

Constructed with Grade I goose feathers paired with a triple layer cork base, Airchy’s shuttlecocks will give you the durability needed to last even the most intense games.

Shuttlecock making
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Our mission at Airchy is to provide badminton players with the highest quality shuttlecocks at an affordable price.

We strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of our shuttlecock production, from selecting the finest feathers and materials, to innovating new designs that deliver superior flight and consistency. Our goal is to inspire and empower players of all levels to reach their full potential and enjoy the thrill of badminton, without breaking the bank.

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Our vision is to be a leading shuttlecock brand that sets the standard for quality, innovation, and sustainability.

We aspire to be globally recognized for our commitment to excellence. We envision a world where every badminton player can rely on our shuttlecocks to deliver optimal performance, consistency, and durability, and where our brand inspires passion, joy, and success in the sport.

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